Timely Tips for Al Fresco Parties and Beyond

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Now that the weather is toasty, we all want to eat outdoors and see friends and extended family. For those of us who live in Marin, with our own porch, patio or yard, why not make it special with a few extra preparations? My tips, below, will create a festive party or special dinner setting, but as extra incentive, these little touches can become a seasonal stable into the Fall. To make the most of your space try some or all of these suggestions:

1. Quality cafe lights - my favorites can be through Home Depot's website and have the old-style quality bulbs. This set is currently on 70% sale on Amazon

2. AC/DC fans that attach to a sun umbrella or table. These will do triple duty - they can keep guests cool, keep flying bugs away, and even add an additional sense of safety for those who are cautious of contracting Covid. These small fans are affordable and small enough to have one available for everyone at the table. Here's one!

3. Grow some lavender instead of decorative floral bouquets to dress the table. Insects HATE it and just about everyone else loves it. At the end of the growing cycle, you can repurpose it in the house.

4. Cupcake drink covers. Here is a fun drink hack to try - make a straw-sized hole in the center of colorful paper cupcake liners for guests who want to cover their drinks.

5. Portable covered fire pit. Gather the group around a small-space-friendly fire pit for warmth and hours of catching up.

6. Build a bug-free bonfire. Burn sage in your bonfire to keep pesky mosquitos and other insects away. Combine with other herbs like lavender and mint to give off a lovely scent. 

7.Conceal your food. While you may want to put that gourmet spread on display, a fashionable food cover is the best option to keep your meal protected when there are insects around.

8. Recycled rugs to place under the dining table, or to cover the concrete patio. They elevate and warm a space like nothing else, and you can leave them out year-round. I like to get mine from Overstock.com and this one is currently on sale!

Do you have some outdoor entertaining ideas I haven't thought of? Share them here! And if you've been to a friend's backyard party and are experiencing yard envy, let's talk! It's still a great time to buy. We have slightly more inventory and famously low interest rates. For more articles about buying, selling and living in Marin County, I invite you to visit my blog site. Tracy Curtis, Coldwell Banker Realty, 415-910 0599. 

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